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Aquacultural farming in the Dutch Delta

Delta Farms is the largest supplier of farmed SPF polychaetes (Nereis virens) in Europe. We are located in the south-western part of the Netherlands and use seawater from the national nature reserve Eastern Scheldt Bay to farm our polychaetes under extensive natural conditions. Our worms are exported to some 60 countries as a diet supplement for maturation feed in the aquaculture industry. 




Tons of polychaete

Variations of our polychaete

Our product

Our product can be processed in different forms to best serve your needs and purposes.

Live Polychaetes perform the best and are the most used.
Frozen Polychaetes are convenient to incorporate into your feeding regime.

How it works

How We Produce The Very Best

At Delta Farms we hold our poduction facility to the highest standard to make sure we produce the very best.


Pond Design

A RAS raceway system that mimics the same conditions our worms are accustomed to in their natural habitat

Nereis virens

The breeding pairs are selected from our own family lines, the reproduction is done in-house and the polychaetes reach maturity in our raceway systems.


Our worms are fed with a pellet specially produced for us. The ingredients are a combination of protein and micronutrients to ensure our worms get the best food suitable to their needs.


Our machines are designed to ensure the worms are extracted from the sand bed unharmed and stress free. This way we can supply the market year round.

The Polychaetes are Specific Pathogen Free.


Our Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we will answer some of the questions you might have. Look around our website for more information about our product our contact us with your question.

Polychaetes are a variety of worms. The worms Delta Farms produces are the ragworm (N. Virens). Nereis virens is a scavenger that will eat dead and live animal or plant matter. The ragworm reproduces once in its life and dies after reproduction. An average female can contain over one million eggs, but a record (wild) female was found to contain 7 millions eggs.

Nereis virens is found in Northern Europe (UK, Ireland, Holland, Germany, Denmark) and the North Eastern coasts of the US (Maine) and Canada.

Polychaetes are mainly used as part of the shrimp maturation diet. Feeding polychaetes to shrimp broodstock is essential for the maturation and spawning. Polychaetes are also used as bait in sport fishing.

Different solutions are appropriate for each situation.

Live Polychaetes perform the best and are the most used. They do, however, require the right care and circumstances to keep them in good condition.

Frozen Polychaetes still have the properties of fresh Polychaetes and are is very easy to store in a freezer.

Dried Polychaetes are the solution if a farm has no facilities. They are easy to store and always ready to use.

SPF means Specific Pathogen Free. It is a term that is used for worms that are free of all know (shrimp) pathogens. This is important to ensure the biosecure chain from our farm to our customers. Our polychaetes are tested at the University of Arizona. We test every two months to make sure our worms are safe.

Yes, we can. We have customers in over 60 countries and have 30 years of experience in assisting the process of importing our polychaetes to your facilities.