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Easy shipping & extra long shelf life.

Dried Polychaetes

Keeping the temperature below 30°C ensures we keep the unique nutritional values of our polychaetes. When the worms are dried they have a long shelf life, are ready to use, easy to handle and can be used per single worm. They are often used in pre maturation.

Water & Soil Quality

Accumulation of surface organic matter at the soil surface intentionally taken care of bringing

Future Prospects

Following market trends we can easily expand and meet the demand. We are also infiltrating other (non-aquatic) markets.

The Export Potential

After 35 years of experience we are able to meet all requirements to import into most countries. We can also help guide this process.

Latest Machinery

Our newest packing plant is helping us move the worms around the globe in ever better condition. Two new in-house developed harvesters make stock selection far more flexible