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About Us

About Us

The Best Place For Polychaete Farming

Delta Farms is located in the Netherlands on the edge of the Easterscheldt Bay Nature Reserve with excellent quality sea water for the sustainable production under HACCP protocols without the use of Herbicides, Pesticides, Antibiotics or other chemicals.

The farm is located in the temperate zone of Europe, thousands of kilometers away from all known shrimp diseases. Additionally, each batch is tested for shrimp pathogens by the University of Arizona. All tests have been negative ever since Delta Farms started supplying shrimp hatcheries.

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It’s our mission to supply the world with a high quality sustainable marine protein. The unique properties of the worm make it a valuable ingredient in any (marine)animal diet.

Delta Farms is aiming for net zero emissions in 2030 all the while ensuring we are producing the very best. Taking our responsibility in the local community by cooperation and investment we pride ourselves in our small footprint.

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Due to our innovation and reputation in the Netherlands we have been featured in the Dutch media several times.

Here is a brief overview of the articles about our farm:

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Innovation & Sustainability

Innovation and sustainability is in our DNA. This is recognised by local, regional, national and European authorities. Take these examples of our innovative work.

Air-dried SPF Polychaetes
Delta Farms developed an innovative (pre) maturation feed for shrimp hatcheries. We dehydrate our SPF Polychaetes at low temperatures to preserve all unique nutrition’s. The dried SPF Polychaetes are a easy to use high-quality replacement for live Polychaetes. Click here for more information.

Efficient polychaete production and processing into feed
This project was selected as part of the “Innovation in the fisheries supply chain in 2010” and supported by the EFF, European Fisheries Fund: investing in sustainable fisheries.

Converting polychaetes into high-quality dry feed
Developing a high-quality dry feed for shrimp farms from aquaculture waste. This project was also supported by the EFF, European Fisheries Fund.

Our experts

The Delta Farms Team

The team that makes it all happen.